This site represents an update and compilation of the BF2003, BF2004-A and BF2004-B forms, as well as the notice of bond sale.

  • Bond Information forms (BF2003) are required to be completed by local governments pursuant to Chapter 19A-1.003, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).
  • Bond Disclosure forms BF2004-A (Competitive Sale) or BF2004-B (Negotiated Sale) are required to be filed with the Division within 120 days of the delivery of the issue pursuant to Sections 218.38(1)(b)1 and 218.38(1)(c)1, Florida Statutes (F.S.), respectively.
  • Final Official Statements, if prepared, are required to be submitted pursuant to Section 218.38(1), F.S.
  • Please complete all items applicable to the issuer as provided by the Florida Statutes.
  • Pursuant to Section 218.369, F.S., issuers of bond anticipation notes are exempt from these filing requirements.

Issuers are encouraged to submit their filings electronically. When filing electronically, issuers are not required to file paper copies of the forms.

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